It is the application’s interface; it consists of all the main data related to the employees.Employees List View

  • Code: A unique number set for every employee in order to identify him.
  • Name: The employee’s full name.
  • Position: The employee’s job title.
  • Department: The main department to which the employee belongs.
  • Sub Department: A department that lies under the main department (if existed).
  • Location: Company’s Branch.
  • Join/Layoff: Dates.

A button that has a drop down menu which includes actions that lead you to different pages related to the employee:

Beneath Employees Names, there are three Lables

Employment Status_Working Employment Status

Contract Type_Fulltime Contract Type

Attendance Scheme_Strict Hours Attendance Schemes


Employees Listing_Filter
  • Code
  • Name
  • Employment Status: Whether the employee is working, resigned or terminated.
  • Contract: Full time, part time, MBO or trainee.
  • Location: In which of the company’s branches does the employee work.
  • Department
  • Sub Department
Hint: You can filter by more than one parameter at a time (multi-filtering), so that you can decrease your searching scope as much as possible.

Action Buttons

Employees_Advanced_Filter_Tab Directs you to a page that provides you with more filtering parameters.

Employees_Add_Employee_Tab  To create accounts for new employees (Add new employees to the system).

Employees_Import_Tab To upload employees’ data from an excel sheet to the application.

Employees_Export_Tab To extract/download employees’ data on the application to an excel sheet.

Employees Bulk Import

  1. Click on “Import”.
  2. The Import Page will open.
  3. Click on “Download Sample”.
  4. Make a similar file, or fill in the sample itself.
  5. “Choose File” from your PC.
  6. Click on “Upload”.
  7. Choose date format, then “Validate”.
  8. Valid rows will be highlighted in Green.
  9. Invalid rows will be highlighted in Yellow.
  10. Wrong cells will be highlighted in Red.
  11. Delete invalid rows, then export them so that you can edit them separately on your PC.
  12. Click on “Import List”.
  13. Valid data will be imported to the application.
  14. Employees will receive emails with their new user names and passwords.


Download Sample Button

Choose File Button

Upload Button

Validate Button

Employees Data View_Valid Rows-Invalid Rows-Wrong Cells

Delete All Invalid Button

Import Employees_Import_List_Tab


  • In case you’ve entered new data (not predefined on the application) while importing, you can add them to the system as a Bulk.
Bulk New Entries Button
  • Employee has the right to reset his password.
  • “Delete” button is only for invalid data.
  • You can export the deleted invalid data to your PC.
Export Deleted Button

  • Duplicate Employee Code.
  • Wrong Date Format.
  • Wrong Department/Position Name.
  • Direct Head Code does not exist on the application or in the imported sheet.
  • Business Email field is required  as long as there is a User Name.
  • Vacation Balances (Normal Vacation Balance must be more than the Casual one, whether it’s the annual or the remaining balance).