Version 6.10.0

Release Notes   March 25, 2018

Changes [CAB] Introduced a new calculator parameter – predefined term: “Permission Minutes”. [HR] Added new widget counter “Target to date”. The counter displays sum of target hours up to the current date. [HR] In Vacation Type, the “Max Successive Days” attribute is replaced with a more generic option to set min/max vacation duration: Duration Unit […]
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Version 6.9.1

Release Notes   February 1, 2018

Changes [CAB] Daily application for unpaid vacations pay rule is introduced; it creates a transaction with each unpaid vacation with detailed description. [CAB] Loan installment accepts zero value; in case user wants to hold loan installment deduction from employee’s salary for a couple of months/cycles. New Features [CAB] Gross Up pay rule is introduced; it […]
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Version 6.9.0

Release Notes   December 17, 2017

Changes [HR] Employees Export Excel Headers are renamed: Financial Info => Social Insurance Social Insurance Status => Status Social Insurance Number => Number Social Insurance Date => Date [HR] Vacation listing will display user ID for vacation records. [CAB] CAB supervisor Payslips view will be a set of payslips displayed in a print view, instead […]
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Version 6.8.6

Release Notes   October 4, 2017

Changes [HR] During import, user can specify log direction; IN, OUT, or N/A. [HR] New filter parameters added to Attendance Logs listing: Schedule Status Device [HR] Attendance logs processing respects log direction IN/OUT. New Features [HR] New attribute “Direction” is added to Attendance Devices; by which you can define whether the device will collect IN, […]
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Version 6.8.5

Release Notes   September 26, 2017

Changes [CAB] Tardiness policy is applicable on “Unattended” shifts, in case when the “Attended” values do not match the “Expected” ones. [HR] Late Ins and Early Outs calculation is allowed to “Unattended” shifts. New Features [HR] “Partial Vacation” is Introduced NOW!  Employees can have a less than a day vacation (i.e. half day, quarter day, […]
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Version 6.8.4

Release Notes   September 13, 2017

Changes [CAB] Payment Methods page is removed from Main Menu. Now, you can add them through import or from employee profile. [HR] Employee/Head user cannot request/add vacation that exceeds the max. consumption limit (i.e. by making more than a request/an addition). This condition does not apply to HR user. [HR] “Settle on Layoff” field is […]
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Version 6.8.3

Release Notes   August 29, 2017

Changes [CAB] Overtime Policy & Pay Rule: Overtime policy page is added based on schedule statuses; Working, Working on Weekend, and Working on Holiday. Two new pay rules are introduced; 1) Overtime – Daily and 2) Overtime – Cycle. Each pay rule calculates overtime based on the predefined policy. [CAB] Shift rate compensation is displayed […]
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Version 6.8.2

Release Notes  

Changes [HR] User is allowed to add/request vacation on holiday/weekend, in case the number of requested vacation days is equal to the number of weekend/holiday days.
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Version 6.8.1

Release Notes   July 20, 2017

Changes [CAB] Egyptian new tax scheme is applied. Just click on “Apply New Tax Scheme”. Enhancements [CAB] Payroll Cycle Transactions: Filter panel includes “Employee Name/Code” field by a drop down box. “Pay Rule” filter field by a drop down box. Show/Hide “Unpaid” transactions check box is added to filter panel (It is unchecked by default). […]
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Version 6.8.0

Changes [HR] Adjacent permissions/shifts, are automatically merged into one permission/shift. [HR] If Working on Weekend/Holiday balance compensation is enabled, the system will compensate employees for days with missed punches as well. However, missed punch policy is applied. [HR] In Add Employee Wizard: user can modify the max consumption and remaining values for vacation types that […]
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