Partial Vacation

Personnel   September 27, 2017

A less than a day vacation An option that is applicable on vacation types, which allows employee to have a vacation for less than a day.  It could be for half a day, quarter a day, three quarters, or even a 15 minute vacation..etc. Partial vacation is defined in fractions (ex: 0.5 – 0.75). Accordingly, this […]
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Version 6.8.5

Release Notes   September 26, 2017

Changes [CAB] Tardiness policy is applicable on “Unattended” shifts, in case when the “Attended” values do not match the “Expected” ones. [HR] Late Ins and Early Outs calculation is allowed to “Unattended” shifts. New Features [HR] “Partial Vacation” is Introduced NOW!  Employees can have a less than a day vacation (i.e. half day, quarter day, […]
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Task Management Overview

The task management module is designed to easily adapt any business industry. It is a simple tool that helps users to organize their work, and monitor projects, workflow, teamwork tasks… etc. Task Management Facilitates a- Communication b- Organization & Discipline  Tasks order Due dates Notifications Task user can easily organize his tasks and be committed to them. c- […]
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Overtime Policy

CAB > CAB Setup   September 14, 2017

From this page you can add and view the overtime policies to be applied on employees. Page Display Overtime policies are applied per shift type; so that it would be more specific and dynamic. You can customize your own overtime policy to suit your company’s bylaws. Not only you can set an overtime policy per […]
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Version 6.8.4

Release Notes   September 13, 2017

Changes [CAB] Payment Methods page is removed from Main Menu. Now, you can add them through import or from employee profile. [HR] Employee/Head user cannot request/add vacation that exceeds the max. consumption limit (i.e. by making more than a request/an addition). This condition does not apply to HR user. [HR] “Settle on Layoff” field is […]
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Modulus Overview

Features   September 7, 2017

Introduction Modulus is a multi-tenant cloud application that helps enterprises to boost their operations by automating internal process. Modulus is designed to offer you Modulus Modules Human Resources (HR) The human resource module covers core HR functionalities; personnel and payroll. Both modules are designed to be extremely flexible to adapt different business industries. Modulus offers […]
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