Setup: Add Attendance Device to Modulus

Personnel How-to   November 13, 2017

Steps Go to Personnel main menu. Open “Setup” sub menu. Select “Attendance Devices”. Click on “+ Attendance Device” top button. A dialog box will open. Write device ID. Select location. Write label (in case you need to differentiate between two devices within the same location). Select device direction: IN = attendance device processes punches as […]

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Attendance Devices

Personnel > Personnel Setup   February 15, 2016

Devices used to gather the attendance data; the employees’ in and out punches. All you have to do is make an integration between the attendance device and the application, so that you would be able to collect logs. Page Display  To view Sync Logs To Add Attendance Device Device Direction IN: The device collects IN punches only. OUT: The device […]

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