An attendance report is a monthly view that shows all of the employee‘s day by day actions during the entire month (i.e. Payroll Cycle).

Attendance Report_Full View

  • Day
  • Shift Type
  • Expected: Attendance that is expected from the employee.
  • Attended: Attendance that is actually attended by the employee.
  • Overtime (In minutes)

Hint: Click on day/date to manage logs.

On the top of the page, there is a search panel that filters by date range.
Attendance Report_Filter

Next to the filter, you have pagination arrows by which you can move previous and next, based on your date range used in filter search:

Attendance Report_Left Arrow_Filter Previous Filter Period (27/11/2016 – 26/12/2016).

Attendance Report_Right Arrow_Filter Next Filter Period (27/1/2017 – 26/2/2017).

Attendance Report_Warning Label Warning: Edited Shift

When the employee’s shift is for 8 hours according to his assigned template, but this specific shift is edited to 7 hours instead (it is considered as a complete shift).

Employees shift is from 9 am to 5 pm (8 hours), and the employee had a mid-day permission for an hour (expected working hours will be 7); then this warning label will appear.

Attendance Report_Cross Day Shift Label Cross Day Shift

When the employee’s shift ends after 12 am; his punch out will be taken in the next day, but still counts in the previous day (where the shift belongs).


They list the employee’s actions briefly:


  • Target: The number of hours that the employee must work.
  • To Date: The number of hours that the employee must work till the current date (where he signed in).
  • Attended: The actual number of hours that the employee has worked.
  • Permission: The number of hours/minutes taken by the employee as a permission.
Attendance Widget

Schedule (Days)

The number of days that are expected from the employee to attend/work.

  • Calendar Days: The number of days that are filtered by.
  • Working: Expected.
  • Working on Weekends
  • Working on Holiday
Schedule Widget

Hint: The “Schedule”  determines the expected working days and hours for the employee.


  • Total: The total number of extra/overtime minutes spent by the employee at work.
  • Approved: The total number of extra/overtime minutes approved by the direct head.
Overtime Widget


  • If the overtime minutes were not approved by the employee’s direct head, the employee will not be charged for them; they would be cancelled.
  • If the employee’s department allows overtime, the direct head will have the right to either approve or reject the extra minutes/hours (if existed).
  • To approve overtime, click on the checkbox right next to it.

To approve overtime:

  1. Mark the checkbox next to the day you want to approve (single or multiple).
  2. Click on the “Set Overtime” button that will appear on top.
  3. Accept the confirmation message that will appear.
Attendance Report_Set_Ovetime_TabAttendance Report_Overtime_Confirmation_Message


  • Late In: The late arrival of the employee to work in hours/minutes.
  • Early Out: The early departure of the employee from work in hours/minutes.
  • Total Tardiness
Tardiness Widget


  • Punches Missed: The number of punches forgotten (only one; IN or OUT) by the employee in working days that he has attended.
  • Absented Shifts:The number of shifts/working days on which the employee was absent.
Absence Widget

Top Buttons

Assign Schedule Button To assign a new schedule for employee.

Attendance Report_Permissions Button Takes you to the employee’s Permissions Page.

Attendance Report_Vacations Button Takes you to the employee’s Vacations Page.

Profile Button Takes you to employee’s Profile.

Hint: “Permissions” button does not appear in MBO’s profiles; as they have no permissions.

The personnel supervisor is capable of changing the employee’s schedule as long as:

  • The payroll cycle is not generated.
  • The employee is not terminated/resigned.


  • The direct head can change the calendar as long as the change is in the future not the past.
  • The direct head is allowed to add “Allowed Request” shifts only.
  • This schedule is created the moment the employee’s profile is created and it is monthly renewed. The schedule is affected by the calendar template assigned to the employee profile.

The ordinary daily items are already created with the schedule such as:

  • Working days
  • Weekends
  • Holidays

As for the exceptional items, they are added by the personnel supervisor to the schedule before applying them; as the employee send a request for vacation, permission, …etc. (i.e. any shift defined by company) to his direct head in order to accept or reject it.

an errand, if the direct head didn’t accept the request and the employee still went to the errand, then the application will consider it “Absence“. So, the direct head should accept the request before the month’s pay roll cycle. If the pay roll cycle was calculated and approved, then the direct head can add this day into the new month’s schedule.

Changing Calendar Template

The employee’s template is automatically assigned every month.

Hint: If you would like to change the employee’s template, notice that this change will be applied by the beginning of the next/new month.

To Add Shift

  1. Click on “Add Shift” button.
  2. A dialog box will appear.
  3. Fill in the required data.
Attendance Report_Add Shift ButtonAttendance Report_Add Shift Box

Hint: In case you wanted this change to be applied in the middle of the current month, you will have to do it manually; a day by day modification.

To Edit Shift

  1. Click on “Edit Shift” button.
  2. A dialog box will appear.
  3. Fill in the required data.
Attendance Report_Edit Shift ButtonAttendance Report_Edit Shift Box

To Edit Day Status

  1. Click on “Edit Day Status” button.
  2. A dialog box will appear.
  3. Fill in the required data.
Attendance Report_Edit Status ButtonAttendance Report_Edit Status Box

To Edit Multiple Days

  1. Multi-select days.
  2. Click on the “Update” button that will appear on top.
  3. A dialog box will appear.
  4. Fill in the required data.
Attendance Report_Edit Multiple Days ButtonAttendance Report_Edit Multiple Days Box

Attendance: The punching in and out of the employee every day which is shown in his calendar template; the employee’s actual shifts. These actual shifts might be as the expected ones or not, accordingly you could either apply the assigned penalty or not.