Actions: Edit Day Status in Employee’s Attendance Report

Personnel How-to   November 15, 2017

Steps Go to Personnel main menu. Select “Employees” page. Filter with employee code/name. Click on employee’s “Actions” button, and select “Attendance Report”. Make sure payroll cycle is not calculated. Click on “Edit Status” button on the left. A dialog box will open. Select shift status: Working => Weekend/Working on Weekend Weekend => Working/Working on Weekend Holiday => Working […]
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Attendance Report

Personnel   May 10, 2016

An attendance report is a monthly view that shows all of the employee‘s day by day actions during the entire month (i.e. Payroll Cycle). Day Shift Type Expected: Attendance that is expected from the employee. Attended: Attendance that is actually attended by the employee. Overtime (In minutes) Next to the filter, you have pagination arrows by which you can […]
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