Version 6.8.3

Release Notes   August 29, 2017

Changes [CAB] Overtime Policy & Pay Rule: Overtime policy page is added based on schedule statuses; Working, Working on Weekend, and Working on Holiday. Two new pay rules are introduced; 1) Overtime – Daily and 2) Overtime – Cycle. Each pay rule calculates overtime based on the predefined policy. [CAB] Shift rate compensation is displayed […]
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Version 6.8.2

Release Notes  

Changes [HR] User is allowed to add/request vacation on holiday/weekend, in case the number of requested vacation days is equal to the number of weekend/holiday days.
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Personnel Overview

Personnel Module The personnel module is designed to be extremely flexible to adapt different business industries. It offers multiple user levels to cover all personnel management related functionalities such as: 1. Employee Profile 2. Calendar Templates The expected working hours per month is calculated based on the attended hours; they are not absolute. The HR Supervisor and […]
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CAB Overview

Compensation and Benefits (CAB) The compensation module helps you generate the payroll with a button click. Modulus is very flexible when it comes to payroll calculation. Modulus enables you to define: 1. Salary Items Salary structure is composed of a set of salary items. Employee salary sums up from the defined values of each salary […]
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