Version 7.6.0

Release Notes   June 2, 2022

Changes [EINV] Invoice serial used as reference invoice id upon integration with ETA e-invoice rather than system internal id. [Personnel] Now editing department introduce two options while editing daily target hours and attendance scheme that ask user if modifying exiting employees to a new (daily target hours/ attendance scheme) and apply that on new employees […]
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Version 7.5.0

Release Notes   May 16, 2022

Changes [BK] Default finance book is defined per mapped user. [CAB] User can now manage the attendance policy for all schemes rather than strict and flex only. [INV] Income Report – Replaced “Tax Total” amount widget with “Net Income” amount. [Personnel] The following configuration keys allow to define multiple emails to be notified rather than […]
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Version 7.4.0

Release Notes   March 10, 2022

Changes [CAB] A new advanced payroll cycle is introduced to allow CAB Supervisor user-level to calculate the payroll cycle using effects from different attendance period. Once the user creates a new payroll cycle, he has the option to use default settings (same period applied for salary and effects), or use advanced mode to calculate effects […]
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Version 7.3.0

Release Notes   January 17, 2022

Changes [Bookkeeping] A new filter for journal status (Posted / Non-Posted) is introduced to the following reports: Monthly Journal Income Statement Balance Sheet [Bookkeeping] Opening balance accounts for whether a closing journal is created or not to accumulate starting balance across successive fiscal periods for balance sheet accounts in the following reports: General Ledger Monthly […]
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Version 7.2.0

Release Notes  

New Features [Bookkeeping] User can now assign checked journals in journal listing page to one or more finance books from which he has access to. [Personnel] User can not only download an attachment from employee profile, user can also display specific file types in the browser such as images, pdf and other file types that […]
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Version 7.1.0

Release Notes   November 14, 2021

Changes [Personnel] Personnel supervisor user-level can now change contract type, working hours, and attendance scheme retroactively by specifying date to apply action from. [Personnel] Break vacation action is allowed to take place on first or last day of vacation. [Personnel] In case a vacation type is setup so that it has to be requested prior […]
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Version 6.10.6

Release Notes   August 4, 2020

Changes [CAB] Introduction of multiple tax laws. You can now setup more than one tax law, each with multiple schemes and each scheme has multiple slabs and general exemptions. [CAB] You can assign different tax laws to different employees. Each employee can have only one tax law assigned at a time. The assigned tax law […]
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Version 6.10.4

Release Notes   June 25, 2020

Changes [HR] Vacations Landing page updated: You can view a list for all consumed vacations for all employees or filtered employees from vacations page instead of viewing vacation balances. [HR] Vacation Balances – listing page: page has been moved to the “Reports” menu. New Features [HR] Employees Requests – Listing Page: You can view a […]
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Version 6.10.2

Release Notes   February 16, 2020

Changes [BK] Monthly Journal – Split off opening journal from Jan monthly journal into a separate one. [CAB] Working on weekends/holidays compensation is enabled for MBO and Trainee contract types. [HR] Attendance Stats – Vacation Days excludes holidays from the count. New Features [BK] Monthly Journal – Add display level filter. [CAB] New Pay-Rule Parameter: […]
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Version 6.10.0

Release Notes   March 25, 2018

Changes [CAB] Introduced a new calculator parameter – predefined term: “Permission Minutes”. [HR] Added new widget counter “Target to date”. The counter displays sum of target hours up to the current date. [HR] In Vacation Type, the “Max Successive Days” attribute is replaced with a more generic option to set min/max vacation duration: Duration Unit […]
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