Setup: Delete Overtime Policy

CAB How-to   November 14, 2017

Preconditions Required policy must not be applied to an employee in a calculated payroll cycle. Steps Go to Compensation main menu. Open “Setup” main menu. Select “Overtime Policy”. Select the required “Shift Type”. Select the required “Schedule Status”. Click on “Delete” button next to the required policy. Overtime Policy is deleted successfully.
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Overtime Policy

CAB > CAB Setup   September 14, 2017

From this page you can add and view the overtime policies to be applied on employees. Page Display Overtime policies are applied per shift type; so that it would be more specific and dynamic. You can customize your own overtime policy to suit your company’s bylaws. Not only you can set an overtime policy per […]
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Attendance Report

Personnel   May 10, 2016

An attendance report is a monthly view that shows all of the employee‘s day by day actions during the entire month (i.e. Payroll Cycle). Day Shift Type Expected: Attendance that is expected from the employee. Attended: Attendance that is actually attended by the employee. Overtime (In minutes) Next to the filter, you have pagination arrows by which you can […]
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