Version 7.8.0

Features   August 28, 2022

Changes [Expenses] Upon integration adding a new approved expense, Bookkeeping module should create only one journal for expense/payment method instead of two journals. [INV] The quantity field in both invoice and proforma accepts two decimal places in value instead of integer value. [INV] Enable user to edit quantity and amount of a discount row while […]
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Version 7.7.0


Changes [Bookkeeping] Account id has been replaced by account code in Net Loss Account and Net Profit Account in system configuration. [CAB] Display salary has been changed on salary list page. Salary amounts are right aligned and displayed in thousand separator and two decimal point format. [Expenses] Expense Category has been replaced by financial dimension […]
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Task Management Overview

The task management module is designed to easily adapt any business industry. It is a simple tool that helps users to organize their work, and monitor projects, workflow, teamwork tasks… etc. Task Management Facilitates a- Communication b- Organization & Discipline  Tasks order Due dates Notifications Task user can easily organize his tasks and be committed to them. c- […]
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Modulus Overview

Features   September 7, 2017

Introduction Modulus is a multi-tenant cloud application that helps enterprises to boost their operations by automating internal process. Modulus is designed to offer you Modulus Modules Human Resources (HR) The human resource module covers core HR functionalities; personnel and payroll. Both modules are designed to be extremely flexible to adapt different business industries. Modulus offers […]
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Personnel Overview

Personnel Module The personnel module is designed to be extremely flexible to adapt different business industries. It offers multiple user levels to cover all personnel management related functionalities such as: 1. Employee Profile 2. Calendar Templates The expected working hours per month is calculated based on the attended hours; they are not absolute. The HR Supervisor and […]
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CAB Overview

Compensation and Benefits (CAB) The compensation module helps you generate the payroll with a button click. Modulus is very flexible when it comes to payroll calculation. Modulus enables you to define: 1. Salary Items Salary structure is composed of a set of salary items. Employee salary sums up from the defined values of each salary […]
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Sales Team Management Overview

Features   July 16, 2017

1. Introduction Modulus provides a module that provides sales departments and teams with an easy tool to manage their work process. Modulus Sales Team Management Module, enables you to manage your sales department system, customers/leads, sales teams, and work progress with a simple mouse click.  It organizes and facilitates all procedures. Modulus offers multiple authentication user levels for […]
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