We currently have three user levels:

  • Personnel Supervisor (HR)
  • Direct Head
  • Employee

Personnel Supervisor (HR)

  • A supervisor that belongs to the Human Resources department.
  • He has the complete access to the application.
  • The Personnel Supervisor can see all the employee’s profile data.
  • He also has the ability to edit any sort of data on the application, not just profiles.

Direct Head

  • A manger that supervises a specific department and is responsible for a group of employees.
  • He has an access on the profiles of his employees, he could make some additions such as adding errands or permission, he could also accept of refuse the employee’s requests for vacations or permission.
  • A direct head can’t make any further edits within the employee’s profile, he also has no access on the financial information.
  • He has an access on his own profile as an employee inside the company.


  • The one with the least access on the application.
  • He have an access on his profile, but no editing option.
  • The employee doesn’t have the right to edit any of the data on his profile or even add errands or permission.
  • He just sends a request to his direct head and wait for the approval.

Hint: The Personnel Supervisor accesses every single piece of information in the system, and has the ability to make any modifications to it.