Welcome on Board .. Welcome to Modulus

Modulus Business Suite Login

By this document we will help you easily install your data on Modulus; starting from your agreement to use the application until actually using it and fluently.

Have no worries, Modulus is a simplified application that can organize your whole organization and reduce the hassle.

Onboarding Process

First of all, we create an account for your company on the application. We also create a main user to help you access Modulus.

(A) You have to fill some data in the application’s System

(B) You have to fill in the application’s setup for the module that you want to use

      • HR Module
      • Compensation Module
      • Sales Force Module
      • Task Management module
Hint: Both of the HR and Compensation modules are a package that must be used together; as they complete each other.
By completing these items, your company’s information are all added to the application and Modulus is ready to carry on with the next step.

(C) You will receive an excel sample

      • Fill in the excel sheet with your employee’s information.
      • Send us the excel sheet.
      • Your data will be imported to the application.
      • Your training starts.