A user is the person who uses the application. In order to create a user, you must create an account first.

This part in the application is to add the data of the users within the module. Each module has a specific number of users, for example, HR Module has four user levels:

  • Admin
  • Personnel Supervisor
  • Direct Head
  • Employee

The page is divided into two parts; a search filter on the left side and a list of the added users data on the right side.

User Listing


  • User Listing yellow button To view user data.
  • User Listing b;ue button To edit user data.
  • User Listing red button To delete user.
Hint: The “Admin” is the only user that cannot be edited or deleted.
  Once you press on the edit button a new window is opened with two tabs:
Includes the basic information about the user. Edit User basic info
Includes sections that depend on the user level, in case of “Personnel” user for example:
  • CAB: Compensation and Benifits.
  • HR
  • Sales Force
  • Task
Edit User user level
Hint: The user name must not be in Arabic language.