A vacation is a number of days per year for which an employer agrees to pay workers while they are not working; a period of exemption from work granted to an employee aop tnd is reset annually.

The employee’s vacation balance is automatically added to his profile the moment his entitlement date comes. The employee has the right to request vacation from his direct head.



The employee sends a vacation request to his direct head to be approved. Once the vacation is sent, the employee’s direct head is notified.

2.Direct Head

The direct head will receive an email and a system notification, then he has the right to either accept or reject the vacation.

Page Display

This page lists all vacations balances and consumption for all employees on the application.



Employees Vacation Balances

Employees Vacation Lisitng

Top Buttons

Import Button To import employees vacation data from an excel sheet to the application.
Export Button To export the page content into an excel sheet on your computer.
Vacations Button It takes you to Vacations Page, where you can filter by a specific employee’s name to view his vacations.
Hint: In order to directly go to a specific employee’s Vacation Profile Page, click on the employee’s name in the listing.

Vacation Profile Page

Top Taps

It’s a list of all information related to employees vacations, such as:
  • Type: The type of vacation, and its characteristics.
  • Entitlement Date: The date on which the employee is entitled to have balance for this vacation type.
  • Recharge: The number of days recharged, for example annually, from this vacation type.
  • Consumed/Remaining: The number of consumed vacation days vs. remaining ones.
Info Tab
Hint: The presence of “Fraction Numbers” in days display is due to “Partial Vacation“.
Switch Display To Switch Consumed/Remaining Display Info Tab (Switched Display)
Hint: The “Recharge” input is editable, but to edit the “Remaining” balance you should use the edit button Edit Button.

It’s a list of all vacations taken by a specific employee:

  • Type: The type of the vacation, number of vacation days and number of effective days.
  • From – To: The date on which the vacation took place.
  • Balance Before: The number of days before taking a vacation.
  • Log Date: The date and time in which the vacation was added.

Listing Tab

Hint: On the left top of the page, there is a search panel to filter by vacation date and type.

To Break Vacation

Employee comes to work in the middle of his vacation and then continues the rest of the vacation.

  1. Click on “Break Vacation” button.
  2. A dialog box will appear.
  3. Fill in the required data.
Vacations_Break Vacation ButtonVacations_Break Vacation Box
  • “Break Vacation” button appears next to vacations that are for more than one day.
  • You cannot break a past vacation once the payroll cycle is generated.
  • You cannot break a vacation if it is for less than two days.
  • In case the vacation is for one day and the employee broke it, then it will be deleted.

To Attach Proof

  1. Click on “Attach Proof” button. Attach Proof Button
  2. Choose file from PC.
  3. File will be uploaded next to selected vacation.
Hint: Both HR and Employee users can attache proof to vacations.

It’s a list of the vacation requests that were sent by a specific employee:

  • Vacations: The vacation code, type and number of days.
  • From Date: The time in which the vacation starts.
  • Actions: The date and time of the request and the reply on it whether by acceptance or rejection.
Requests Tab
Hint: You can filter by “Request Status”.

Statuses are determined by different colours

  • Yellow: Pending
  • Orange: Obsolete
  • Cyan: Accepted
  • Red: Rejected
  • Grey: Cancelled
Hint: “Obsolete” means that the request was neither accepted nor rejected (i.e Expired).

It’s a list of  all the actions, other than vacations, that affect the employee’s vacation balance (i.e. they have an effect even though the employee didn’t consume any vacations) such as:

  • Add Vacation
  • Adjust Vacation Balance
  • Delete Vacation
Logs Tab
  • Type: The type of the vacation.
  • Action: The log is an addition or a deletion.
  • Start Date: The date on which the vacation starts.
  • Effective/Days: The actual number of vacation days after excluding the weekends (It depends on the company’s policy; as weekends might not count).
  • Balance Before: The vacation balance before this vacation was added.
  • User: The user whether it’s the admin, the personnel supervisor or the employee.
  • Log Date: The date and time on which the log was made.

Hint: You can filter by “Log Date From – To”, “Type” and “Action”.

Top Buttons

Vacations_Attendance_Tab It takes you to the employee’s attendance report.

To Add Vacation

  1. Click on “+ Vacation” button.
  2. A dialog box will appear.
  3. Fill in the required data.
Vacation_ADD_Vacation_TabNew Vacation
Hint: HR user can add/request vacation on Weekend/Holiday, as long as the number of added/requested vacation days is equal to the number of Weekend/Holiday days.

Vacation Compensation

It is a rule that you set in the company’s policy/configurations by which you provide the employee with vacation days instead of salary additions.

  1. Employee worked on a weekend.
  2. Application compensated this day by adding day/s to employee’s vacation balance.
  3. A log will be created for this action, in addition to a note illustrating it.
  4. You manually change day status from “Working on Weekend” to “Weekend” again (undo all previous).
  5. Compensation process will not be repeated, as there is an existing log that proves same compensation was done before.


  • The application automatically adds a note illustrating the addition made to the employee’s vacation balance.
  • In case you changed the day status after the compensation is completed, vacation balance will not be changed. You have to change vacation balance manually.
  • Once such compensation is done (for a specific day), the application will not accept a repetition for the same log even if it was cancelled before.