1. [Bookkeeping] A new filter for journal status (Posted / Non-Posted) is introduced to the following reports:
    • Monthly Journal
    • Income Statement
    • Balance Sheet
  2. [Bookkeeping] Opening balance accounts for whether a closing journal is created or not to accumulate starting balance across successive fiscal periods for balance sheet accounts in the following reports:
    • General Ledger
    • Monthly Transaction
    • Trial Balance
  3. [Personnel] The schedule template is no more updated alongside the contract details. It is now updated separately.
  4. [Personnel] Head user-level now has the access to show direct and indirect subordinates down to deepest level by checking “show indirect subordinates” check box. This effect is extended to the following pages:
    • Vacation Listing
    • Permission Listing
    • Shift requests
    • Policy Actions
    • Attendance report
  5. [Personnel] Shift request now supports “Maintain Target” option for unattended shift types. This option enables user to request a shift that spans out of the working hours without increasing the target hours while summing up shift duration to the achieved hours.
  6. [Personnel] Before, it was not allowed to add a permission on a day that already includes a partial vacation. Now, users can add permission and partial vacation on the same day.
  7. [Personnel] HR Supervisor user-level is now allowed to download, view, and remove an attachment from a vacation on the listing page.
  8. [Personnel] Partial vacations is now allowed on the other day of a cross day shift.

New Features

  1. [Personnel] Custom vacation types are now shown by name in the general attendance report as well as in the exported sheet.
  2. [Personnel] Partial vacation type is now shown in the general attendance report as well as in the employee attendance report.
  3. [Personnel] New configuration option added to shift type setup that enables request “Auto-Approval” without head interference.
  4. [Personnel] The shift request dialog offers now visualization for the shift being requested alongside other shifts on the calendar day to help user recognize the end result after submitting his request.
  5. [Personnel] Subordinates page allows Head user-level to display indirect subordinates down to the deepest level. New filter fields have been added to enable user lookup for specific employees using:
    • Employee code
    • Employee name
    • Department
    • Location
  6. [Personnel] New filter introduced in Probation Evaluation page for head user level to allow filter for:
    • Direct / Indirect subordinates
    • Employee code
    • Employee name
  7. [CAB] Introduced a new report to display modification logs of employees data. The report can be filtered using different criteria such as specific department, sub-department, position, location, log type, old value, new value in addition to apply date or log date range, and can be exported into an Excel file. The exported Excel file has two worksheets; One that includes export info (user, exported at date/time, and applied filter fields), the other includes all exported data.
  8. [CAB] CAB Supervisor user-level can now edit a settlement record in a pending payroll cycle.

Bug Fixes

  1. [Personnel] Max overtime minute value in the general attendance report did not respect the “Overtime Timing” configuration.
  2. [Personnel] Reason submitted in vacation request was not saved to vacation record upon approval.