• [CAB] Introduction of multiple tax laws. You can now setup more than one tax law, each with multiple schemes and each scheme has multiple slabs and general exemptions.
  • [CAB] You can assign different tax laws to different employees. Each employee can have only one tax law assigned at a time. The assigned tax law is considered part of employee’s payment info.
  • [CAB] Payment methods page has been replaced with Employees Listing page. The new page lists and filters existing employees and display their basic and employment info along with payment info, and links to employees financial profile.
  • [CMN] Admin users are only created and edited by Admin users.

New Features

  • [REC] The “Recruitment” module has been released. A new module that comes under the HR suite of modulus. The module aims at automating the recruitment process, starting from posting job vacancy, going through collecting and classifying applicants submissions, interview management, sending job proposal to accepted candidates.
    Those who already using modulus Personnel module, can get accepted candidates directly posted to their employees list. The following is a brief list of the module’s features:
    • Secured multi user level authentication with different user roles.
    • Collaborative vacancy planning by recruitment department and other departments.
    • Dynamic job application form. You can specify the information you wish to collect from applicants for each vacancy.
    • Dynamic job interview structure. You can specify number of interviews conducted per job, and the set of skills to be evaluated for each applicant.
    • The module enables user to publish public page that lists available vacancies and their corresponding application forms.
    • Ability to fill in application forms by authorized module users through internal forms and by visitors through published forms.
    • Ability to filter and classify applicants submissions (short list / favorite / rejected / etc)
    • Ability to schedule interview to applicant and define one or more interviewers.
    • Collect and aggregate interview rating and decision from each interviewer.
    • Job proposal submission to accepted candidates.
    • Posting recruited candidate data to Personnel module to be added to list of employees.
  • [CAB] Introducing Employee’s Financial Profile page. The page displays the following:
    • Display employee’s basic and employment info.
    • Display and edit employee’s payment info.
    • Display and edit employee’s salary items values and apply dates.
    • Display edit logs for employee’s related financial info.
    • Display employee’s salary effect logs details.
    • Display employee’s payroll history.
  • [CAB] User can import / export tax law among other employees’ payment info through Employees Listing page. User can leave-blank cells of imported excel sheet to avoid updating original records, or use hyphen “-” to clear original records.
  • [CAB] Extra permissions added to Loan management page to view/hide salary info to user while managing loans.
  • [CAB] Introducing: Payroll Cycle Cache. This feature enables modulus to remember specific information about employees at the moment of calculating payroll cycle. So, when you retrieve the relevant employees’ info along with the calculated payroll cycle, modulus is able to retrieve those employees’ info at the time of calculating that cycle, instead of their last updated info.
  • [CAB] Change logs are now created for different edits to employee’s payment info (Payment method/details, cost center, and tax law).
  • [HR] Personnel Profile – Insurance Info log. A log record is now created for any modification to employee’s insurance info.


  • [CAB] Salary Slip – Join and Layoff dates have been split into two separate rows.
  • [HR] Attendance logs are listed ordered by log date DESC, and the filter now allows for blank log date value.
  • [HR] Add new employee wizard – Extra validation added on required fields, DOB and Join date.
  • [HR] Head Insights – Several page enhancements:
    • All pagination removed from requests tabs.
    • Introduced bulk response to different requests in an ASC date order.
    • Added links to Employee name according to tab: Shift => Employee shift request page, Permission => Employee permission request page, Vacation => Employee vacation request page.
    • Only pending requests are retrieved.

Bug Fixes

  • [CAB] Salaries List – Grade drop down box was not properly populated.
  • [CAB] Salaries List – Export data did not work while all filter fields blank.
  • [CAB] Policy actions – Policy can be added to a new employee before his join date.
  • [CAB] Loans – New employee can take loan before join date.
  • [HR] New Employee Wizard – User can add vacation balance of disabled vacation types while adding new employee.