This page lists all the logs related to employees attendance, in which you can either enable and disable logs.


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Hint: You have to filter by date range, so that you can use the filter.

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Top Buttons

Salaries_Import To upload attendance logs from an excel sheet to the application.

Attendance Logs_Enable Button To enable logs.

Attendance Logs_Disable Button To disable logs.

Attendance Logs_Reset Button To change logs status to “Pending”.


  • Once the logs are entered (manually or imported), they go into the “Processing” process. They would either be “Processed” or “Skipped”; based on their timing in the attendance threshold.
  • When you reset a “Processed” log, its status will be “Pending”.
  • Logs can only be disabled if their status is “Pending”.
  • Logs can only be enabled if they are disabled already.
  • Disabled logs do not appear in attendance report.

For example: The calendar item for changing a Weekend to Working on Weekend is both “Calendar” and “Shift“. Calendar; because you changed day status. Shift; because you specified time within that day.

Attendance Logs Bulk Import

  1. Click on “Import”.
  2. Click on “Download Sample”.
  3. Make a similar file, or fill in the sample itself.
  4. “Choose File” from your PC.
  5. Select “Branch”, then click “Upload”.
  6. Choose date format.
  7. Select Data Headers.
  8. “Validate” your data.
  9. Valid rows will be highlighted in Green.
  10. Invalid rows will be highlighted in Yellow.
  11. Wrong cells will be highlighted in Red.
  12. Delete invalid rows, then export them so that you can edit them separately on your PC.
  13. Click on “Import List”.
  14. Valid data will be imported to the application.

Download Sample Button

Choose File Button

Upload Button

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Validate Button

Import Attendance Logs_Listed Data

Import Attendance Logs_Delete All Invalid Button

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Hint: Importing attendance logs doesn’t necessarily require a finger print machine.

Go to employee’s attendance report to see Imported LogsImport Attendance Logs_Log in Attendance Report