• [CAB] Tardiness policy is applicable on “Unattended” shifts, in case when the “Attended” values do not match the “Expected” ones.
  • [HR] Late Ins and Early Outs calculation is allowed to “Unattended” shifts.

New Features

  • [HR] “Partial Vacation” is Introduced

NOW!  Employees can have a less than a day vacation (i.e. half day, quarter day, three quarters, 15 minute vacation…etc.). Partial vacation must not exceed a working day.

Accordingly, this will affect the corresponding vacation type balance, and the coverage pay rule applies.

    • Partial Vacation check box is introduced in Add/Request Vacation dialog boxes, the next inputs change accordingly.
    • User can add partial vacation from Bulk Actions page.
  • [HR] The system automatically runs the attendance logs cron, once a manual logs import is done.