In this page you will find all the tasks assigned to you (whether they were included in a Task Group or Unclassified) listed with a default filter. The default filter parameter will be displayed above the listing.

Task Lisitn View_Default Filter

Default Filter in Order

  1. Tasks with Statuses “New” and “In Progress”
  2. Tasks assigned to the current user (i.e. The user who is currently logging in)

Task Listing in Order

  1. Tasks with older “Due Date”
  2. Tasks with “High Priority”

To view all the Tasks that you’re involved in:

  1. Remove the Default Filter
  2. Scroll Down (The tasks will be automatically loaded)

How Tasks Statuses are Displayed

Each row (and row edge) has a specific colour which indicates the task’s current status.

  • White: New
  • Orange: In Progress
  • Green: Completed
  • Red: Overdue
Task Lisitng View_Statuses Colours

Task Listing View

  1. Check Box: By which you can change the task status to “Completed” and reset it to “New” (P.S. When the task is completed, a  mark appears inside the check box).
  2. Assignee: The user who is supposed to work on the task, whether his profile picture or his initials.
  3. Task Title
  4. Task Group: The group in which the task is included (Unclassified or Other).
  5. Priority:
    • High Priority Arrow: High
    • Low Priority Arrow: Low
    • N/A: Normal
  6. Status

On Hovering

When you hover with your mouse over the task rows, some actions appear:

  • View
  • Copy
  • Delete
When the task status is “New”, one more action appears additionally to the previous three:
  • Start (Which changes the task status to “In Progress”)
Hover Action_Three Only
Hover Actions_Four

Add Task

  1. Click on “+Task” button.
  2. A panel will appear.
  3. Fill in the required data.
Add Task ButtonAdd Task Panel


You can search for tasks/task groups using single or multiple filter parameters.

  1. Click on the “Filter” button.
  2. A panel will appear.
  3. Fill in the required parameters.
Filter ButtonFilter Panel