• [HR] During import, user can specify log direction; IN, OUT, or N/A.
  • [HR] New filter parameters added to Attendance Logs listing:
    • Schedule Status
    • Device
  • [HR] Attendance logs processing respects log direction IN/OUT.

New Features

  • [HR] New attribute “Direction” is added to Attendance Devices; by which you can define whether the device will collect IN, OUT, or N/A Logs.
    • IN: The device collects IN punches only.
    • OUT: The device collects OUT punches only.
    • N/A: The device does not define punches’ direction. The processing routine will define if logs are IN or OUT punches upon matching against scheduled shifts.
  • [HR] User can set Label for Attendance Device.
  • [HR] Sum of partial vacations requested/added in one day cannot exceed total of daily working hours.
  • [CAB] New parameters are added to the pay rule calculator:
    • Attended Minutes per shift type
    • Attended Minutes on Weekend per shift type
    • Attended Minutes on Holiday per shift type
    • Attended Minutes on Weekend (according to pay-rule basis: daily/interval/cycle)
    • Attended Minutes on Holiday (according to pay-rule basis: daily/interval/cycle)